My photography adventure started with a cliche of “something happened and my life has changed” in 2005 with a photography course I attended. Since then, photography has been the center of my life as the best way to express myself. I attended many courses and seminars. I got awards. I opened my first solo exhibition at Mersin University. I was interested in artistic and documentary photography and stayed away from wedding photography until my sister’s wedding when the job is on me in 2012. That day i realized that the wedding photo wasn’t just about side by side posing but it was a real documentary photography area when many sad and fun moments are experienced together from the beginning of the day to the end.
As a wedding photographer , my goal is to capture the most striking and key moments of the wedding from a documentary spirit and an artistic perspective. So, I’m constantly trying to improve myself, tell your story as an organic part of your wedding and not an audience. I live in İstanbul and Mersin, but I can shoot all over the world. I am an award winning member of the world’s most important documentary wedding photographers platforms such as Fearless Photographers, WPJA, Mywed and This Is Reportage.